The Savannah Cat

In Europe there is a handful of good breeders who have dedicated themselves to the development of this beautiful breed. Unfortunately we also see breeders, who breed the savannah cat purely for money. It apparently does not matter to them what quality they produce. Often there is breed with less fancy specimens and coverings with studs from different other breeds, is very common. Therefore, always be very careful if you want to purchase a Savannah cat.

In America, where the development of the Savannah cat started, there are now more breeders, which has lead to this breed as being ‘recognized’ by TICA.

General description of the Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat Naomi F1
Naomi F1

The Savannah Cat is very large in relation to other (breed) cats. The height at withers can be up to 45 centimeters at the Savannah F1 and F2. From F3 the Savannah will be smaller. The overall impression of the Savannah is a large slim, elegant cat with striking large black spots on a golden or orange coat.

The Savannah Cat is a replica of the Serval. He is affectionate and outgoing, with a particularly long neck, legs and ears with a short three-quarter long tail.

The head

Wide, moderately wedge-shaped with rounded contours. It is taller than the head wide is. Seen from the front, the face must form a triangle. The head is small in relation to the body. Seen from the side, the nose is long with a small chin, which contributes to the wild appearance of the cat. The ears are large and alert with a broad base and slightly rounded tips.

The shape of the eyes is between oval and almond. The color should be warm yellow, green, gold or caramel brown. The neck is both thick and muscular and long.

The body

Long, almost oriental, but much more massive. Viewed from the side, the side of the chest forms a long triangle. From the front the cat seems narrow due to the extreme length of the legs, the depth of the body and the length of the neck. He must be prominently muscular everywhere, yet be agile.

Coat and color

The coat is short to medium-long, dense, soft and luxuriant. The colors that are accepted are black, brown spotted tabby, silver spotted tabby and black smoke. The only color variations that are allowed are the gold to orange ground color with ‘big’ black spots, the silver ground color with ‘big’ black spots
or whole black, preferably also with spots.

In each variation, both the black lips and the striking black tear duct lines are on the inside of each eye. With spotted Savannahs, the nose can be either brick-red or black or black with a light red or pink line running down in the middle. With black Savannahs, the nose must be completely black. The soles of the feet must be black or brown with every color variation. The black Savannah must be completely black, black spots on a
black background is perfect.

Savannah and allowed colors

You will not find any breeding cats or males with snow, mink, marble or other unauthorized color. We only breed breeds with typical breeds and males, which correspond to the breed standard of TICA. If we unfortunately breed an unauthorized color, we definitely do not want to sell this as a Savannah with a little wrong color!
Such specimens with a miscolour should not be used for breeding and should be sold for a small price.

It is recommended that all kittens be vaccinated and dewormed for sale twice.


Savannahs are friendly social cats. They can handle other pets well and through their playful temperament they quickly become friends with children. They show their affection with giving cups. Most Savannahs love the outdoors and love to be cuddled. They are elegant springers and they love water.

It is not uncommon for the Savannah cat to take a bath. They love attention and are person oriented. They also love fetching.

Because of its stylish and leggy appearance, combined with the movement of a wild cat, this cat can not be compared with another breed.


Naomi F1 and Demi F1

Savannah cats need space, especially the F1, F2 and F3 are large. From F4 the size of a cat is about the same as the normal cat. They need a lot of exercise. We do not recommend letting Savannah cats run outside. Because the Savannah cat is so close to nature, chances are, that he can walk away and that you will not find him again and that would be a pity of such an expensive cat.

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