Savannah kitten

Savannah Kitten

Availabilty Savannah Kittens

If you are looking for a Savannah kitten with the right qualities of good quality, click on the link below.

Availabilty Savannah kittens

First orientate yourself carefully about a Savannah kitten!

Well-bred Savannahs that meet the BREED STANDARD are not cheap. If you want to purchase a Savannah kitten, make sure it meets the BREED STANDARD, as described in the TICA breed description. Recognized colors are Black (Brown) Tabby Spotted, Black Smoke and Black. We are breeding according to the BREED STANDARD of TICA.

There are many Savannahs for sale that are not allowed colors or are not purebred! Unrecognized colors are: Snow, Blue or similar! Avoid regretting your purchase! Cheap Savannahs do not exist, in most cases you are buying a pig in a poke.

All our cats are DNA tested for hereditary defects.

Our kittens leave us with a European passport, chipped, fully vaccinated, dewormed, pedigree (or pedigree certificate) and certificate of ownership.

We are affiliated with the American cat association TICA and breed according to their standard.

Reserve a Savannah Kitten

If it turns out that you are interested in one of our Savannah kittens, you can reserve a kitten with us. A deposit must be paid at the time of booking. The deposit can be paid on the first viewing of the kitten. It is possible to schedule a viewing from the moment the kittens are 5 to 6 weeks old. You can make a reservation and possibly be placed on a waiting list by e-mailing us or contacting us by phone.

Savannah Kitten on cat tree


Other important information:

A Savannah Kitten came to us from a Savannah – Savannah combination. This means that one of our kittens has all the character traits of a Savannah cat! A kitten that contains a lot of mishmash has these qualities less or hardly at all. The kitten also has a higher chance of hereditary diseases, which the Savannah itself does not have.

Breeding other colors than TICA’s BREED STANDARD means that the percentage of Serval goes down considerably due to wrong crossings with other breeds. You can no longer speak of a Savannah cat, while many breeders offer the kittens as such. Percentages for an F6 Kitten with 2 to 3 % Serval content are no exception. The character trait has now almost disappeared.

When finding a Savannah Kitten, it is also good to pay attention to whether the father or mother of the kitten has not been used too many. In most cases it is breeders who do this. The more offspring there are, the less attractive the pedigree, the cheaper the kittens are offered. There is a big difference between multiplying the breed and adding something to the breed.

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